Hello there.

My name is Vanessa Wiltshire (+61 [0]434 093 096) and I’m a native English-speaking writer based in Melbourne, Australia. See the water? That’s where I go several times a week for inspiration. Does it make you sigh? Imagine then, what it does for my writing.

Vanessa Wiltshire 2014

Now I  *could* big-note myself and tell you everything that I’ve achieved over the past 12 years…..


  • Founding and leading an internationally recognised professional community for HR and business leaders, called The HR Talent Community (2012 – current)
  • Being profiled in the AFR, BRW and Sydney Morning Herald for my work in social media and community engagement (2014)
  • Building a decade long career in HR….before *finally* admitting that writing is my calling (2002-2012)
  • Keynoting and speaking at large and well known events across Australia (2014) including the VECCI HR Business Breakfast and HR Technology Expo (Sydney).
  • Ghost writing on behalf of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders (2013 – current)

But honestly…. I’d rather talk about you.

Because you’ve got some lofty and exciting goals set for 2015.

Can my writing skills support you to achieve them? 

Let’s find out.

e: vanessa.rawson@murmuration.co
t: +61(0)434 093 096
skype: twofacedHRlady
View me on Linked In here 


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